• The fundamental objectives of this Physical Education program are to provide opportunities for the development of motor skills and physical fitness, as well as provide instruction that will enable the pursuit and enjoyment of daily physical fitness and a lifetime of physical activity.

    PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “All students will receive quality, age and developmentally appropriate Physical Education, in the least restrictive environment. This environment promotes fun and cooperation, rather than competition. It reduces the stigma of failure, and strives for excellence and success, both personally and collectively. This will be accomplished through the use of best practices, aligned with National and District Standards for Physical Education, and the use of the latest technologies.”

    Students at Horace Mann receive Physical Education, 5 days a week, every 3 weeks. 

    The concepts of the program address:

    - Motor skill competency

    - Varied movement forms

    - Enhancement of physical, social, and cognitive domains

    - Understanding of movement and fitness

    - Encourage a physically active lifestyle

    - Setting and achieving goals

    - Health-enhancing level of physical fitness

    - Responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings

    - Respect for differences

    - Provide opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction

    In the gym, we learn by doing.

    There is no can't; however, we CAN try.

    Mark Castillo “Coach”

    Physical Education Instructor