Bienvenidos a Quinto Grado 2018-2019

  • !Bienvenidos a Quinto Grado!   Estamos muy emocionandas de estar con Uds. este año.  

    El Equipo de 5to Grado:

    Sra. Martinez:  Lectura

    Sra. Nordby: Estudios Sociales

    Sra. Guzman:  Escritura

    Srta. Ahida Aguirre Arbelaez: Interna de Amity

    Cada maestra enseña una clase de matemáticas y luego se enseña su especialidad en rotaciones por la semana.



    Weekly Announcements

    Fifth Grade

    November 19, 2018


    Concordia Registration and Payment PAST DUE!

    Please get any remaining Concordia paperwork that needs to be turned in ASAP.  Thank you!

    NO EDL This Tuesday

    There is no after school EDL this Tuesday due to Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Teacher Conferences:  Tuesday 4:20-8:00 pm

    Conferences will be held again this Tuesday evening.  All conferences will last 20 minutes.  Please arrive on time to your conferences as we do not have much wiggle room this year .  If you need to reschedule a conference, please email your homeroom teacher.  Thank you!

    Wednesday Movie and Pizza Day!

    All three classes have worked to save their “money” and buy a pizza and movie day.  They have also paid to come in their pajamas as well for this fun day!  All students will be able to sign up for one of three movie options.  The movies will be shown in Spanish.  Once they are in a classroom, they will stay there all day to finish the movie.  We will also be serving pizza at noon.  Students will also go to lunch at their regular time, so they do not need to bring a snack on Wednesday.  The movie options are Kung Fu Panda (PG), Bolt (PG) and The Emoji Movie (PG).  All movies will be shown in Spanish.  Please email your child’s homeroom teacher if you do not approve of one of these movie choices for your child.  (We did look for G rated movies, but most are recommended for a preschool audience.)

    No School Thursday and Friday:  Happy Thanksgiving!

    Please Dress Your Student in Cold Weather Outdoor Gear

    It is COLD out and the kids get cold at recess.  All students are required at minimum to have a winter coat, hat and gloves.  If they want to play in the filed they must wear snow pants and boots.  Please label all your gear and send it in a bag if possible to avoid losing items.


A Look at 5th grade

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