Groveland Park Patrols

  • Groveland School Patrols

    Groveland Park 5th grade students work as school patrols at three busy crossing areas around the school building. You will see our patrols at the following intersections:  Kenneth/St. Clair, Cleveland/St.Clair, and Sargent/Kenneth.

    Crossing times:

    9:05-9:25 am
    4:00-4:15 pm

    Inclement weather
    The Groveland Park school patrols will not patrol when thunder and lightning are present.

    Patrols will be at corners throughout the winter.  The ONLY exception would be in the case of a wind chill advisory or extremely cold weather.  If the air temperature is -10 or colder and/or if the wind chill is -10 or colder, the school patrols will not be at the corners.

    Please help keep all of our students safe.  Here are a few reminders.

    • Do not park in designated no parking areas.  It is hard for the patrols to see around cars that are parked too close to the crosswalks.
    • Please notice the flags. 
    •  A flag that is raised straight up in the air is a signal that the patrols are about to stop traffic. 
    • A flag that is extended is a signal for all traffic to stop and yield to walkers.
    • Please note the “No Right Turn On Red” sign that is located on the corner of St. Clair and Cleveland.   
    • Please continue to drop-off and pickup your child behind the school building on Sargent Ave.

    If you see a traffic violation or have a safety concern, please contact Chuck Gunsten or the school office.

    School Patrol Supervisor,
    Jamel Long

    651-293-8760 ext. 42439

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