Groveland Park Special Education

  • Special Education Teachers - Level 1-2: We provide support to students from Groveland and Nativity (K-5).  We work with a variety of special education students who have mild to moderate learning needs.  Sometimes we work with small groups of students on reading, writing, and/or math skills.  There are also students that need support from us for work completion, or need a sensory break from their classroom.  We work with students that need our services, as identified on their IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  The instruction that we provide is based on the academic curriculum at Groveland or Nativity.  We work on classroom skills and projects, as well as addressing academic skill deficits.  We use a push in model for kindergarten, but we see our other students in small pullout groups. 


    Special Education Teachers - Level 1-2 

    Special Education Teachers - Level 2-3 Program

    Occupational Therapist 


    Speech and Language