Friendship Club

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  • Friendship Club, 1964-2010, 46 years of “We Share, We Care. We Serve, We Learn. Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders.” No small act of kindness is ever wasted. No man is an island, we are all connected to each other. We miss no school, we receive no money, credit or grades for serving others. We accept all people. We are people of all ages, races, faiths, abilities, schools and boys and girls. We have been a wonderful group of 15,000 people reaching out to serve over 50,000 people in the last 43 years. We serve people and do environmental projects all year round.

    "We Share, We Care. We Serve, We Learn." Friday is Friendship Day. You are the Friend in the Friendship Club.

    Gary M. Ales, Founder, Advisor. Retired Counselor, Teacher and Coach.
    Consultant, Jean Allan.

group 2

  • Halloween Party - YMCA
    Halloween Party, Friday night, October 26, 2007. Midway YMCA.
    Saturday, September 15, 2007. Friendship Club Members Shine! it was a bright, sunny and warm day for our basement clean-out.

    Knighting- Photos
    Gary Ales is the 46th King of Winter for the senior royalty of the Winter Carnival, 2004.   He is shown knighting staff and students at Humboldt Senior High in recognition of their outstanding services to the school, students and West Side Community.  Mr. Ales is also a long term sub in the guidance department for Andrea Dickinson.

    Shoebox Project- Photos
    Humboldt Students put together shoe boxes with items to share with children.

    YMCA Tree Project- Photos
    We unloaded approximately 700 Christmas Trees. The proceeds from the sales are used to send low income kids to summer camp.  This is our second year of being a part of a super intergeneration volunteer team to help low income kids go to summer camp.  It was a cold Saturday but we worked up a sweat moving the trees from the semi-trailer to the stocking place.  We were fed pizza and pop by the Y staff for our efforts.  Our students were praised and admired over and over again for their work.

    Thanksgiving Day at Health East Nursing Home- Photo
    We met at the Big Black Pillar at 9:30 am.  It was very cold and windy. We were cold outside, but warm in hearts and spirits.  We were grateful for many things in our lives.  We were happy to honor the senior citizens who have given so much to our world as moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, workers and community leaders.

    We sang, danced and socialized with some of the sweetest people on earth. When we finished our enthusiastic and intergenerational program the residents gave us hugs and shared tears of joy and gratitude with us. They thanked us over and over for coming to share Thanksgiving Day with them.  We met some of their family members who came to share in our program. The staff joined in and sang with us.