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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lou Vang

Lou Vang [Johnson High School Math Instructor]


I have been teaching at Johnson High School for the last 25 years. I really enjoy teaching at Johnson because of its diverse population and terrific staff. 


During the 2020-21 school year, I will be teaching one AP Calculus class and four regular geometry classes. Any student who wishes to take the Calculus AP classes must have completed the necessary pre-requisits prior to taking this class. In order for a student to be successful in Calculus, he/she must have earned at least a "C" or better in Pre-Calculus with Trig. This class is recommended for any student who wants to be challenged and plans to pursuit higher education beyond high school. Thus, only student who are serious about math and academic excellence are consider for this class. All AP Calculus students are automatically register to take the Calculus AP exam given in early May. Due to COVID-19 issues, time constraint, and various learning styles of students, Calculus AP might not be able to cover everything needed to be successful for the AP exam. However, every effort will be made to achieve that.