Dates of Interest to Seniors 2017


    June 21: Seniors and Final Transcripts: You final are being sent out through Naviance. Check the final college where your transcript will be sent by finding your ID on the attached list. Contact a JHS counselor by email or use the Class of 2017 Remind text if you need to ask for a change in college listed for your final transcript. 


    Mark these on your calendar now! 

    Monday-Friday, May 1-5Audition Sign-Up for Name Readers for Graduation

    Seniors who wish to audition to read names at graduation should sign-up for an audition by coming to the bandroom before or after school. They will be scheduled to audition within the next week. Candidates will be judged on diction, accuracy, poise, and respect for names. Practice name lists will be available when you sign up. Students auditioning accept the responsibility to learn how to accurately pronounce classmatesʼ names.

    Wednesday, May 10Senior Honors Night Posting

    The list of seniors who will receive awards at Honors Night will be posted in the case opposite the guidance office. Senior Honors Night. Invitations and instructions will also be sent to the winners. However, you do not find out what you win until that night. 

    Monday, May 22: Senior iPad return

    On Monday, May 22, iPads will be collected from Seniors during third period. Be sure to bring your charged iPad and charging accessories (cable and block) to school that day!

     If your iPad is damaged or missing, please see Mr. Norby in the library before May 15.

     Before May 22:

    • Update your iPad to iOS 10.3.1
    • Backup any files you may want to keep
    • Locate your charging accessories and check on their condition

     Please Note:

    If your iPad is not charged, there will be a delay in processing that will delay clearing your obligations. If your charging cable or brick is missing or damaged, you will be assessed a fine. All fines need to be paid in order to participate in graduation ceremonies.

    Wednesday, May 24Senior Honors Night, 7:00 PM, Auditorium

    This is a grand Johnson tradition where the faculty gives out awards to seniors. Seniors receiving awards will have assigned seats. The remainder of the auditorium is full of your friends and family members. Light refreshments at a reception in the commons afterward.

    Friday, May 26: Cap and Gown/Grad Ticket Distribution in the Field House - You will be called down to the field house at some time during seventh hour.

    • Pay any obligations well before this date. They must be settled before you can receive your cap, gown, or tickets. After April 1, senior obligations transactions are cash only.
    • Pick up your cap, gown and tickets yourself. We will not release these items to anyone else. If you are gone that day, get them in the guidance office the next school day. Sorry, no early pickups.
    • Take your gown home and put it on a hanger so the wrinkles smooth out.
    • Try on both cap and gown. If anything doesnʼt fit, see your counselor ASAP.
    • Guard your tickets. No replacements are given for ANY reason whatsoever. Each graduate receives eight tickets. If you need more, you will have to get them from someone who isnʼt using all of theirs. Remind any guests you invite to be polite to all classmates, so we hear everyoneʼs name.
    • Cap and Gown Fit Corrections and Non-Measured Fitting will be handled in the guidance office the next Tuesday.

     Final Meeting and Senior Picnic
    Seniors will be called to the auditorium for a final meeting, with all the details about graduation. Then we leave for a picnic, sponsored by 3M!

    TUESDAY, JUNE 6: Graduation Rehearsal at Wilkins Auditorium
    Arrive by 9:50. We start rehearsal in your seat. Plan on being at rehearsal until noon. Do not bring guests, friends, children, or other spectators with you. You do NOT bring your cap and gown to rehearsal.

    TUESDAY, JUNE 6: Graduation at Wilkins Auditorium

    You need to arrive between 4:30 and 4:40 in appropriate attire with your cap and gown in hand (not on yet.) No purses or bags in the lineup area-leave those at home or with your parents. Turn your cellphone off until the ceremony is over. The ceremony starts at 5:30. Remind your guests to be polite to all classmates!

    TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 9:00 p.m. : All-Night Party at JHS This is after your ceremony. See separate mailing.

    Notes from Anne Marie Person, senior class advisor:

    • Bring questions to the advisor in 2409 before 8:25 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. Do not interrupt classes for these concerns. Thank you!
    • There are no fees involved with graduation. The District furnishes caps and gowns.
    • Measuring for caps and gowns was completed during February. Any student not yet measured will be fitted out of non-graduate robes, if possible. (School board policy is that all participants wear district-furnished caps and gowns.) If you need this, report to the guidance office on Tuesday, May 30.
    • For planning purposes, the best attire to wear under your gown is: for men, black or gray dress pants, sox and shoes, white shirt, black necktie; for women, shirt low enough not to show at collar, skirt shorter than mid-calf gown, dress shoes -or- black or gray dress pants, sox and shoes. Wear a heel height in which you can do stairs!
    • Hand in your schoolwork on time, so your teachers can clear you as “passing” your credits and the counselors donʼt have to hold your cap and gown!!!

    JHS Counseling Department Link