Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Randy Schutt

Personal Art Area: Ceramics, Tai Chi, Drawing, Painting

Courses: H.S. Drawing, Painting, and Ceramics

Students learn the history, technical skills, and language of visual art. They can get help Mondays after school.

Mr. Schutt has been working at Creative Arts since 1999 teaching drawing, painting, and ceramics. Students create work that is ready for art contests, galleries, and college. He shows/sells artwork in galleries around the country.

Having a career in art is no longer the stereotype of being poor and on drugs. One out of three jobs are art related and making higher incomes than teachers. The richest visual artist in the world is worth $215 million. The richest musician in the world is worth $600 million. The richest actor in the world is worth $600 million. Can you guess who they are?

Contact information:

Phone: 651-292-3480