Welcome to Art!

  • Teacher: Elizabeth Littlefield

    By nature, Open school students are very creative, a trait that blossoms in our art program. Our art students learn the artistic process, which includes working hard and developing his or her individual style. They learn to be good creative problem solvers through the process. Student artwork is displayed in the Open Gallery outside the art room and students from around the building come to admire the work. The artwork inspires other students, who tour the gallery, discuss the work and compliment the student artists.

    Art Classes:
    The Open School art program includes classes in Drawing, Painting and Clay. Supporting the model of Open education in which students learn and excel at their own pace, Levels 1-3 are taught at the same time.

    Level one in Drawing and Painting uses the text Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards to teach basic concepts. Level one students also learn from artists in history and culture. They learn to analyze their own work and the art of others through Formal Organization.

    Level two continues with advanced drawing skills and beginning painting skills. In level three the students learn to create their own curriculum as a focus for creating a portfolio of work to meet the state and National Board standards in Art. (I am Nationally Board certified teacher).

    Our Clay classes follow a similar format with students learning technical aspects in Level one, then moving to sculpture in Level two and a portfolio in level three.