We are all CREW, not passengers

  • Crew is a key component of the OWL school community. Every student is a member of a Crew – a type of advisory group that meets daily in groups of 17-20 students. During Crew time, we work to build an inclusive and cohesive group and set a positive and fun tone for student achievement through community-building activities. We also offer individual guidance, explicitly teach study skills, organization, and time management. Crew helps students learn to be agents of self-change, to take responsibility for their learning, and to develop supportive mentoring relationships with adults and peers.


    Crew provides each student a one-to-one relationship with an adult advisor.

    • Crew provides a consistent small-group peer community—a family within the school.
    • Crew leaders monitor and support student progress and serve as the student’s advocate in difficult academic and social situations.
    • Crew leaders act as the primary contact between parents and the school.
    • Crew meetings are frequently used for team-building exercises.


    • Crews identify needs in the school and in outside communities and propose and develop projects to address those needs.
    • Crew leaders keep track of service hours and guide students in their service-learning projects.


    • Students use Crew to assemble, organize, and reflect on academic work portfolios for the year.
    • Students present their work and reflect on their progress towards goals in fall and spring student-led conferences with Crew leaders and parents.


    • Crew leaders advise students on their academic progress to ensure that students are taking challenging course loads and have strong records for college admission.
    • Crew leaders assist in exploration of a variety of post-secondary options and ensure all students have a personalized post-secondary plan.
    • Crew leaders support and coach students in their exploration of options for higher education, PSAT and SAT/ACT preparation, college visits, application processes, financial aid, scholarships and college selection.