School Social Worker: Michelle Romano

  • School Social Worker: Michelle Romano

    Hello Students & Families -

    I am the school social worker at Open World Learning (OWL). This year, I have the pleasure of working with two School Social Work interns until June 2019.  They are both thrilled to be at OWL this year.

    Anna-Claire is a School Social Work intern pursuing her Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Work from University of Wisconsin-River Falls in 2017 and has a year of post undergrad experience working in a school as a special education paraprofessional. She hopes to become a middle school or high school School Social Worker after graduating in 2019.

    Paige is a School Social Work intern, who is working towards her Master's in Social Work from St. Thomas/St. Catherine. This is her last year/clinical placement and second year interning with St. Paul Public Schools. She is anticipating becoming a School Social Worker after graduation in May 2019.  

    Resources are listed below. If you have any questions/concerns, I'd be happy to hear from you.

    Michelle Romano, MSW, LICSW - School Social Worker - Open World Learning (OWL) - Phone: (651) 744-3398 - Fax: (651) 293-5308


    Community Resources 

    I am including resources below for your information.   

    I try to update these resources periodically but if you find that information is incorrect, please let me know. Thank you. 


    Adult Mental Health: 

    The Mental Health Crisis Alliance 


    -Phone: (651)-241-5959 

    -About: Provides crisis service system for adults in the eastern metropolitan area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota.  


    -Minnesota Help Info:  


    -About: Locates services/providers near you   


    Children’s Mental Health Services:  

    Ramsey County’s Children’s Mental Health Services 


    -Phone: (651)-293-5951 

    -Provide mental health counseling to children   


    Clothing Resources: 

    Hallie Q Brown Center   


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601   

    - About: Provide free clothing - Monday and Friday 11am - 4pm - no appointment needed 


    Joseph's Coats    


     -Phone: (651)-291-2472 

    -About: Provide free clothing. Bring a photo ID. You can go there once per week on Mondays or Wednesdays from 9am -12pm or from 1pm - 4:30pm  



    Allina Health Grief & Loss 


    -Phone: 651-628-1752 

    -About: Provide grief/loss Counseling 


      Clearwater Counseling MN 


    -Phone: (651)-983-7192 

    -About: Provide counseling, consultation & mediation services for individuals, couples, and families. 




    -Phone: (651) 379-4200   

    - About: Male/female therapists that speak Spanish.   

    ---Intake - Thursdays/St Paul - 8:30am - 12pm (walk in)   

    ---Mini wait list - 3-6 weeks out.   

    ---Take Blue Cross/Blue Shield and take all major insurances - MA, Medica, Ucare, HP 


    Face 2 Face 


    -Phone: (651)-772-5555 

    -About: Provides individual, family and couples psychotherapy for ages 11-24 years old with or without insurance (sliding fee) 


    Family Innovations 


    -Phone: (651)-748-5019 

    -About: Mental health, therapy and counseling services 


    Mental Health Practitioner United Family Medicine  


    -Phone:  651-241-1000. 

    -About: Provide mental health and counseling.  

    ---There is a spanish speaking line when setting up appointments. Patients need to see a primary physician at the clinic and ask to be referred to Xoel Gonzalez. He's fluent in Spanish and English and he meets with 10/+ years old. He works with kids having trouble at school and at home, adults with relationship issues, trauma, and persistent mental illness. Feel free to call Xoel with more questions. 

    ---There are sliding fees for those without insurance and they also take most insurances. 


    Progressive Individual Resources here on the West Side.  


    -Phone: 651-222-6567. 

    -About: They have many Spanish speaking therapists with opening with no wait list.  

    ---Takes various health insurances  


    Psych Recovery Inc 


    -Phone: (651)-645-3115. 

    -About: Outpatient mental health clinic  

    ---Can conduct psychological evaluations 

    ---Takes insurance 


    Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Crises Line: 

    -Phone: 651-266-7878  

    -About: Open 24 Hours/ Text:**274747 

    ----Mental health crisis services are available 24/7 for all adults and children. 

    ----Can also assist by meeting people in a variety of settings. Crisis teams can also provide connections to community resources. 

    Strength and Healing:  


     -Phone: (651)-925-6313 

    -About: Brant Thomsen, Licensed Therapist who offers counseling for children, teens, and adults. 

    ----Specializes in play therapy, autism, and counseling for fathers.  

    -----Accepts medical assistance and medicaid, or sliding fee 


    Psychology Today:  


    -About: Locates therapist near home 


    Free Walk In Counseling Center 


    -Phone: (612)-870-0565 

    -About: Provide individual counseling (any age), couples counseling, family therapy, and mediation   


     Cultural Programs: 

    Hmong American Partnership 


    -Phone: (651)-495-1575    

    -About: Provides services for both individuals and families. 

    -----Parents can contact youth involvement program coordinator.  


     Food Resources:   

     Food Shelf  

    -Phone: (651)-756-7018 

    -About: Open: Mon - 9am - 6pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9am - 5pm, Friday 9am - 6pm. *Call for appointment* 

     ---Those who have limited English skills can use children to call and go to appointment 


    Hallie Q Brown Center 


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601 

    -About: Provides basic needs and clothing 


    MN Food Help Line: 

    -Phone: 1-888-711-1151  

    -About: Locates nearest food shelf and hot meals based on address.  (Ask for "emergency" food shelf if already used regular food shelf for the month)  


    Neighborhood House Food Shelf, 


    -Phone: (651) 789-2500 

     -About: Neighborhood has two food markets: the Wellstone Food Market in the Paul & Sheila Wellstone Center on St. Paul’s West Side, and the second in Sibley Manor in Highland Park. Provide food and connections to resources.  


    Twin Cities Mobile Market 


    -Phone: 651-280-2434  

    -About: Grocery store on wheels; anyone can access 


    Free/Low Cost Housing Items:  

    Free Cycle 


    -About: Provides resources  


    General Assistance for Families: 

     Minnesota Help Info:  


    -About: Locates services/providers near you   


    Health Insurance:   



    -Phone: (651)-489-2273 

     -About: Help families register for health insurance - free program  



    Shelter Listings: 


    -About: Assists with finding shelter and assistance 


    Interventions for Kids: 

    Intervention Central 


    -About: Provides assistance with school work  


    Academic interventions 


    -About: Offers academic interventions  


    PBIS World 


    -About: A website containing links to hundreds of interventions, supports, resources, and data collection tools.   



    New Lens Urban Mentoring 


    -Phone: (651)-683-2968 

    -About: provides black males in the 8-12th grade with access to culturally congruent mentors  


    Programs for Kids: 

    Community Education/Homework Help/Mentoring  


    -About: Offers lifelong learning opportunities for all members of the community. 


    Homework Help 


    -About: St. Paul Public Schools supports individual school programs and teachers in developing homework practices  


     Mentoring Program 


    -About: Mentors within the Twin Cities 


     One 2 One 


    -About: A mentoring program that works towards empowering youth and connecting communities  




    -Phone: (651)-744-7738 

    -About: A network of many different after-school and summer programs for youth in Saint Paul 


    180 Degrees 


    -Phone: (651)-968-8908 

    -About: Supports individuals and families to overcome barriers 


    Resources for New Parents In Need: 

    Hallie Q Brown Center 


    -Phone: (651)-224-4606 or (651)-224-4601 

    -About: Provides basic needs and clothing 


    Second Stork 


    -Phone: (651)-272-0356 

    -About: Provide play yards, clothing, blankets, diapers, bottles and more to new parents in need.  

    ---Services can be requested through the nurse or social worker at the hospital.  

    --- Located in many hospitals throughout the Twin Cities