Welcome to Open School English!

  • Teachers: 
    •Leo Bickelhaupt

    *Nora Krings

    *Kevin Hansen

    If you are looking for classes like English 101, you won’t find them at Open World Learning Community. Our English classes are comprehensive theme-based courses, much like you’d find on a college campus, but rarely in high school or middle school. Some of our most popular courses include: 

    • Mad Men in Literature
    • Evil Minds
    • Urban/Suburban Mythology 
    • Teen culture
    • Survival Literature

    6-8 Grade English:
    The middle school classes focus on ensuring that every student has the reading, writing, and literature analysis skills necessary for success in all subject areas in junior high and beyond.  Students develop these skills while exploring themes connected to their social studies, science, and math courses.  The first semester focuses on vocabulary attack skills, grammar and sentence building, understanding non-fiction reading and note-taking, and essay writing.  The second semester focuses on using these skills to understand literature connected to themes extending across all subject areas.

    9-12 Grade English:
    The high school classes feature rich reading selection – not your standard high school anthology – as well as heavy emphasis on classroom discussion.  The first semester focuses on literature – both fiction and non – while the second semester includes media studies unit as well as a creative writing unit.  Students seeking an additional challenge can enroll in the Advanced Placement section, in which students tackle college level work in order to prepare for the AP exam in the spring.  Students also have the opportunity to write for a monthly publication in the newspaper class, which is offered as a morning enrichment.