• Health Education – Teacher Joe Brandner

    Health Education in high school and middle school is a semester-long course that focuses on the six dimensions of health: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social.  

    Contents & Objectives:  Students need to acquire knowledge in the area listed below demonstrate its application through a decision-making process.

    Personal Wellness: We focus on the areas of mental, social and physical health. We will also discuss goal setting, communication and decision making. 

    Mental Health:   We focus on the areas of anger management, depression, and stress.

    Nutrition: Emphasis in this unit includes knowledge of the basic nutrient groups but more importantly, how do our nutritional choices affect our health.

    Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco: We will learn how drugs, alcohol and tobacco affect our daily life. Also we will focus on making good decision-making and peer pressure and how important that plays a role in our decisions.

    Human Sexuality: This is the last unit of the semester. We will cover topics of body function, dating, STDS and AIDS and much more. Look for more information later on in the semester.

    Materials: Teen Health textbooks, videotapes, and guest speakers from MN Teen Challenge, The Family Tree Clinic and New Life Family Services.  Each student will need to have a Health Notebook with them each day in class. We do take Cornell notes in class.

    Assignments: Can be found HERE