Open School's Advanced Placement Environmental Science class gets serious studying Crosby Park's floodplain forest.
  • Teachers: Megan Hall, Tom Totushek, Rebecca Palmer, & Tien Dang

    We believe that kids learn better by doing and our program is full of opportunities to experience science through engaging hands-on inquiry. Students in grades 7 through 12 learn Minnesota’s state science standards through thematic expeditions, including Car Crash Physics, Food Chemistry, Fear Factor Homeostasis, Dog Breeding Genetics, Life on the Mississippi, and Minnesota’s Ancient Sea Fossils. 

    Favorite Classroom Activities

    • Life Science students get feedback from rangers in the National Park Service as they write a book about the organisms living in the Mississippi River watershed.
    • Earth Science students travel to Lilydale Brickyard to gather fossils from an ancient inland sea.
    • Biology students extract and study DNA from bananas, and then make smoothies.
    • Chemistry learn how to make spring rolls and guacamole, then analyze foods’ biomolecular compositions.
    • Physics students analyze a real crashed car to understand Newtonian mechanics.
    • Advanced Placement Environmental Sciencestudents gather data from local parks to analyze ecological succession and abiotic patterns.
    • Advanced Placement Biology students do DNA fingerprinting, grow microscopic ferns, and mutate bacteria.

    Fair Assessments Help Students Learn
    OWL science teachers use the same rubrics for all presentations, creative projects, and formal lab reports.  Click on the links to see how major projects are graded.

    At OWL, safety and well-being of student is of paramount importance.  We ask every family to review and agree to our safety contract before teaching labs. Students also study safety procedures in class and demonstrate mastery on a written exam.


Rebecca's Science Classes

  • Rebecca's Science Classes