English Language Learner Program (ELL)

  • ELL stands for English Language Learner. It is a term that describes students who are learning English as a new language.

    Teachers and staff in the ELL Department work together to help students whose home language is not English. The goal is to help students achieve success both in their ability to use the English language and in their academic coursework.

    ELL teachers and counselors work together to make sure students are in the appropriate classes that will help them learn English and the other subjects needed to stay on track for graduation. Bilingual staff who serve as educational assistants are often available as tutors and interpreters for students.


    ELL staff members interact with general classroom teachers and school administrators to make sure ELL students are receiving necessary services to connect concepts across subject areas and to develop projects and extracurricular activities. This networking helps ELL students learn the skills they need to succeed in general classes.


    ELL staff collaborate and co-teach in the seventh grade English Language Arts class and seventh grade Science class.


    At Ramsey Junior High School, ELL offers students an opportunity to learn at two language proficiency levels in order to meet the students' individual needs.

    This targeted approach helps students:

    • learn concepts in other academic subject areas in addition to language fluency.
    • gain academic skills needed to succeed in secondary general education clases.