Family and Consumer Science (FACS)

  • Family and Consumer Science courses provide students with the opportunity to develop skills needed to balance personal, home, family, and work roles. 



    Food, Nutrition & Hospitality Industry

    Fashion Retail & Design Industry

    Family, Child & Social Services Industry

    Culinary Arts 1

    Clothing Technology I

    Child Development 1

    Culinary Arts 2

    Fashion Design

    Child Development 2

    Culinary Nutrition

    Fashion Merchandising

    Teen Issues

    International Cuisine

    Housing and Design

    Parenting/Family Dynamics



    Hospitality Industry

    Fashion Retail Industry

    Human Services Industry

    …for those interested in teaching, planning, and working in areas related to food service, nutrition, fitness, promotions, and food science.

    … for those interested in creative careers in management, retail, purchasing, design, merchandising, and promotions.

    …for those interested in careers that help families and children manage busy schedules, stress, and the demands of life from childhood to adulthood..


    CAD Professional

    Case Worker


    Costume Designer

    Child Advocate


    Display Designer

    Child Care Worker / Director


    Fabric Buyer

    Community Service Worker

    Family&Consumer SciencesTeacher

    Family&Consumer SciencesTeacher

    Family&Consumer SciencesTeacher

    Food and Beverage Manager

    Fashion Coordinator

    Early Childhood Development

    Food Scientist

    Fashion Designer or Illustrator

    ECFE Teacher

    Food Service Coordinator

    Fashion Photographer


    Food Producer / Processor

    Fashion Stylist or Consultant

    Family Life Educator

    Food Stylist

    Furniture Designer

    School Administrator

    Geriatric Food Designer

    Graphic Designer

    Human Services Worker

    Health and Fitness Advisor

    Interior Designer

    Marriage and Family Therapist

    Health and Safety Inspector

    Pattern Designer / Pattern Maker

    Mental Health Caseworker

    Hotel and Restaurant Manager

    Retail Buyer


    Kitchen Supervisor

    Retail Promoter

    Occupational Therapist

    Nutrition Consultant/Specialist

    Sales Representative

    Parent Educator

    Personal Fitness Trainer

    Store Owner or Manager

    Probation Officer

    Product Developer


    Psychologist / Child Psychologist

    Restaurant Owner and Manager

    Textile Designer

    Social Worker

    Sales Representative

    Textile Laboratory Technician


    School Food Service Manager

    Visual Merchandiser

    Human Resources