Outward Bound Service Adventure Trips

  • Since 1990, secondary students at Open School students have had the opportunity to participate in the annual Outward Bound Service Adventure. Groups of 14 to 18 students travel to Outward Bound base camps all over the country to do a week of service activities that help Outward Bound get ready for their summer programs. Projects have included building doghouses, laying gravel trails, clearing brush, painting, splitting wood, assembling hundreds of first aide kits, repairing rubber rafts and lots more. Students have worked in Ely, Rio Grande, the Sierras, Oregon, Joshua Tree, Colorado, and Washington State.

    The students collaborate to raise all the funds for transportation. In exchange for the hard work, the Outward Bound schools give us a place to sleep (sometimes a pine forest!) and feed us. Says founder Julie Doble, "We work really hard on the logistics for their summer programs, but we also get to spend one day doing a fun, scary adventure such as rock-climbing, canoeing, orienteering, or a high ropes course." For more information about this great learning opportunity, contact Tim at timothy.leone-getten@spps.org or Clara at clara.olson@spps.org

    In the spring of 2019, there were two trips:

    •Maine (Hurricane Island Outward Bound School) 2019 Maine Outward Bound Service Adventure Slideshow

    •Colorado (Marble Outward Bound Base Camp) 


    In the spring of 2018, there were three trips:  

    •Northern Minnesota (Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, MN)

    •Northern Minnesota (YMCA Camp DuNord in Ely, MN) See the Camp DuNord Slideshow here

    •Colorado (Marble Outward Bound Base Camp) 


2017 Outward Bound Trip