Student Government

  • The Student Government at Open School is split into two different branches: Policy and Social. Each advisory should have a member in each branch, so their elected official can bring back important information. Every member has the responsibility of listening to their advisories concerns and voicing those opinions at Student Government meetings. Our Student Government is modeled after the US Senate.

    The Social branch of our student government deals with social gatherings such as the Fall Extravaganza, snow days, prom, ect. They work restlessly into the wee hours of the school day and beyond, working out kinks and ensuring that every dance is fun and enjoyable for every student and staff member.

    The Policy branch deals with hard hitting issues such as discipline, staffing, renovations, ect. If there’s an important development at Open School, the policy team will be there. Each member of the policy committee is encouraged to attend Site Council meetings, so the student body has a fair representation. in addition, one policy member is elected to attend Leadership Team meetings.