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    New Honor Roll Guidelines

    Superior Honor Roll: 4.0 gpa (grade point average)
    "A" Honor Roll: 3.66 to 3.99 gpa
    "B" Honor Roll: 3.33 to 3.65 gpa

    **To be eligible for any Honor Roll status, students CANNOT have a grade of "D" or lower on their report card in any marking period.
    **Students who earn their way onto the Ramsey Honor Roll will be invited to the the Honor Roll Recognition Ceremony.

    Quarter One Honor Roll Recognition Ceremony
    December 6th: 6th grade
    December 7th: 7th grade
    December 8th: 8th grade

    Quarter Two Honor Roll Recognition Ceremony
    February 21st: 6th grade
    February 22nd: 7th grade
    February 23rd: 8th grade

    Quarter Three Honor Roll Recognition Ceremony
    April 25th: 6th grade
    April 26th: 7th grade
    April 27th: 8th grade 

    **No Quarter 4 Honor Roll

    Still have questions about Honor Roll?

    Visit your School Counselor, Ms. Woodruff & Mr. Nigatu

    We are happy to answer your questions.


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