Ramsey Counseling Center


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    Quarter One: September 4th - November 9th

    Quarter Two: November 12th - January 24th (No School for Students on Friday January 25th)

    Quarter Three: January 28th - March 29th

    Quarter Four: April 8th - June 7th

    *Final grades for each quarter are printed and mailed 1-2 weeks after the quarter ends


    Honor Roll Guidelines

    Highest Honors

    4.0 g.p.a

    A/A+ in ALL Classes


    “A” Honor Roll

    3.66-3.99 g.p.a


    “B” Honor Roll

    3.33-3.65 g.p.a

    **Students making the Honor Roll may not have grades of D or lower in any grading quarter. This includes Foundations class.


    Eight Grade Recognition Ceremony

    Thursday June 6, 2019

    Participation Guidelines can be viewed here: 





    Counseling Center Staff

    Meet your Ramsey Middle School counseling staff.  We love to collaborate and share ideas on how to improve student and school success.



    An online resource and tool to track student progress in career exploration and college readiness.  


    Listenting Locker/Bullying Report Form

    Please use this form to report acts of bullying, harassement and/or other forms of intimidation. 

    Bullying Report Forms will be reviewed by the Ramsey School Counseling Team.