• MYP Arts
    The aims of the teaching and study of MYP arts are for students to:

    • create and present art
    • develop skills specific to the discipline
    • engage in a process of creative exploration and (self-) discovery
    • make purposeful connections between investigation and practice
    • understand the relationship between arts and its contexts
    • respond to and reflect on art
    • deepen their understanding of the world

    Courses Offered

    Beginning Visual Art - An introductory course designed to help students become acquainted with art and artists, designed for 6th through 8th graders that are new to middle school art.

    Intermediate Visual Art - Designed to build upon skills and learning from the introductory course.  Students must successfully complete Art I before enrolling in this class.  This course concludes with a student-developed exhibit and service opportunity at the end of the year.

    This is an exploratory course for students with little or no singing experience. Music fundamentals will be taught through sight-reading, ear training and vocal technique.

    Music Elective
    The Music Elective Class provides an opportunity for students to learn about and experience music. Students will receive basic music theory and apply the knowledge to practice using band instruments.

    Beginning Band
    Beginning Band is where a student's band experience begins! In this class our students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. Some of our beginning band students have a little experience playing an instrument, others have never had that opportunity.

    In Beginning Band class, each student is allowed to pick an instrument to try. Students are instructed on two things: how to master their own instruments, and how to play music as part of a group.

    Beginning Band students are given the opportunity to let the wonderful music inside of them to come out! Our main goal is to help young people have fun playing music together.

    Varsity Band
    Varsity Band is the intermediate level band. In Beginning Band students “get their feet wet” playing an instrument. In Varsity Band our students develop their skills and increase their abilities by playing progressively more difficult music. One band student put it best: “Varsity Band is where you really learn to play the instrument!”

    Concert Band
    Concert Band is the “engine” of the Band Department “train.” The music in Concert Band is very challenging, and when our young musicians master it, the experience is very satisfying for them.

    Concert Band provides two important things. One, it prepares our musicians for the next level of playing, namely, high school band. Two, for our less-experienced students in Beginning Band and Varsity Band, it provides a vivid example of where they are headed, and what is possible for them.