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  • Welcome to the ELL website!

    The ELL department consists of Ms. Harambasic, (ELL teacher), Mr. Jameson Nass (ELL teacher), Mr. Dennis Xiong (Hmong Educational Assistant), and Ms. Camila Carroll (Spanish Educational Assistant).

    Ms. Harambasic and Mr. Nass teach the ELD-  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  In these classes they teach students the advanced academic reading and writing skills that will enable them to exit out of EL and be successful in the mainstream curriculum without English Language Learner support. 

    The EL department teachers carefully follows the WIDA Standards and the Common Core Standards for grades 6, 7 & 8 which include standards for reading, writing, speaking,  listening, and viewing.
    For more information, please call Ms. Harambasic or Mr. Nass at 651-293-8950.
    Yog hais tias koj xav tau ib cov lus Hmoob txhais ua lus askiv rau kojtus menyuam tus xibfwb, thov hu rau Mr. Xiong rau tus xov tooj651-293-8950.
    Para mas infomacion, llame a Ms. Harambasic o Mr. Nass o Ms. Carroll al 651-293-8950.