iPad Information

  • iPad UPDATE: Students at Ramsey will be receiving and setting up iPads on November 23 & 24 for use in school and at home. If your student has not yet made an Apple ID, you will need to do that prior to receiving and setting up an iPad. Most students who are 13 or older have likely already done this at Ramsey. Students who do not have an Apple ID setup with a school email address will not be able to set up an iPad. If you were unable to attend the family event last week, and would like to request information to be able to create and Apple ID outside of school, please fill out this form: bit.ly/RamseyAppleID. Please remember that each request is processed as it is received, and requests may require up to 24 hours to receive instructions.

    In addition to creating an Apple ID, All parents/guardians, as well as each student must sign a loan agreement form. You may access and complete this form online at:  bit.ly/iPadLoanForm. Alternatively, students may pick up an iPad loan agreement in the main office. After the form has been signed, students may return it to Ms. Pothen, Ms. Hammond, or Mr. Smith in the main office

    For more information, please contact Jon Smith at 612-564-0644. As you can imagine, things are getting very busy at Ramsey, but he will return your call as soon as possible.