WEB Basic Info

  • Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) Program
    WEB advisors: Greg Boesel, Beth Swanberg, Andrew Bacskai, Julie Elliott, Amanda Sell, Charlotte Sivanich and Elisabeth Mulvaney

    WEB is a middle school transition program that prepares 8th graders to be student leaders and mentors to the incoming sixth graders.  These 8th graders are paired as facilitators for small groups of sixth graders to help them transition to middle school through a variety of school-based activities.  The activities are intended to help students get to know one another, as well as to help new students adjust successfully to the middle school setting.

    WEB activities continue throughout the school year, typically through the 6th grade Foundations classes.   WEB leaders focus on school connectedness and school success with the sixth graders in order to help build a positive school community where each student is a valued participant.  The WEB team also plans service opportunities for the sixth graders to participate in.

    The WEB program has empowered our 8th graders to be effective leaders, which in turn has a positive impact on the climate of our building. Please contact any of the WEB advisors if you have any questions about the program.


    WEB Orientation Slideshow