Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from: UW-Madison/Hamline University with a degree in Education

Nora Krings

I have been involved in education in one form or another since 2000.  I have taught Technology, Video, Theater, Dance, Reading, and English, from adult learners to 3 year olds.  I am excited to bring all of my experiences to OWL to create fun and engaging expeditions.

I am the mother of two wonderful children, Juniper (age 6) and Sullivan (age 2).  You will probably see them running around at our fun family engagement nights.  They love being a part of the school community, and are loved by many students.  They keep me busy.  My husband has also been seen around OWL, helping out with a myriad of projects.  He is an artist and a custom picture framer.  We just bought a new house this year, so we have a lot of DIY in our future.

I am originally from Chicago, but grew up mostly in Madison, Wisconsin.  I also attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Film.  I spent a short time teaching video production at the public television station, before moving to Minneapolis, where I worked doing sports television and independent film before making the jump to education. I have worked in various schools around the metro area before landing at OWL.  I am currently finishing my Masters at Hamline University.

I spent much of my childhood performing and have appeared in over 20 productions in my life.  I spent 5 years in a children's traveling theater troupe, from 4th to 8th grade.  This was probably one of the most influential experiences of my life.  The director, Teddy Studt, has been a mentor and inspiration to me as a person and a teacher.   I still enjoy performing and have sung at several weddings recently, twice with my husband.  Hopefully someday, after my children are a little older, I will participate more in community theater.

I consider myself quite crafty and enjoy sewing, scrapbooking and all things DIY.  I also love reading, and read 2-3 books a week in the summer.  I enjoy escapist literature, including fantasy and historical fiction.  I also love watching documentaries and home decorating shows.

I look forward to another fun-filled year at OWL.  Hoot!