• Welcome to our new/current reality: online learning. While most of what we will need will be on Schoology, check back here and on our teacher websites for updates and additional information.

    If you can get into ST Math please check it out and send your math teacher an email about what you think!

    Update Monday March 23: It does not look like the active directory/azz usernames and passwords are working at the moment.

    Update Wednesday March 25: Check out the message below on how to access ST Math. Please try this and text me if you can get it to work! -Mr. H 

    Update 2 Wednesday March 25: It works! Short answer: get Clever and login with your active directory/azz password, then go back a login to ST Math and it should work. -Mr. H

  • SPPS Parents, we are grateful to have this opportunity to work with the district  to provide the award-winning ST Math software to students across the district during this challenging time.  ST Math is a program where students actively discover how math works by solving carefully constructed puzzles, guiding students from visual spatial situations to using the traditional symbolic representations of math skills and understanding.  Students will access ST Math at home by using their school Clever logins to enter the accounts created for them. 


    Look for these apps

    The Clever access instructions follow for using iPads:

    1. Download the following apps from Self-Service:
      1. Clever
      2. ST Math—”hide” this app in a folder on student devices
    2. Open Clever
    3. Type in “School Name”
    4. Click on “School Name”
    5. Put in your active directory login
    6. The Clever App should now be open
    7. Click on the “ST Math” icon
    8. Open ST Math
    9. You should now see your name on ST Math

    Students can also access Clever directly on PCs, desktops or Chromebooks, and use their school login to get into their accounts—please contact your teacher or school for Clever login information.


    Once student have logged into their Clever account,  simply click on JiJi the penguin to access ST Math.  Middle School and High School students can choose to work on remediation in their personal path, or grade-level topics in their Class Path.  Elementary students simply click on the next undone topic or level to continue advancing through the curriculum.    


    To learn more about ST Math and best practices for supporting student learning,  visit our website for parents: We strongly encourage parents or those at home to support students by facilitation, not directly instructing students.  Providing tools (like paper and pencil or manipulatives) and suggesting alternate strategies  can be helpful—as is questioning students to get them to make sense of puzzles,  plan and use strategies, and observe carefully the instructional feedback provided  to the student each time they make a choice.


    If you have other students who are not enrolled in ST Paul schools, or have neighbors, friends or family who might be interested in trying  ST Math, we have information for both schools and parents about how to get access here:  Learn how helping a penguin across the screen has helped students learn and appreciate math.


    Sincerely, Ishmael Robinson SPPS K-12 Math Supervisor