About Our School

  • Mission

    We are a school emphasizing an American Indian cultural perspective to provide a high-quality education for all.


    Our school was created from the vision of elders and community members. Their goal was to provide an American Indian perspective and to welcome students of all backgrounds to a diverse school community. Our teaching approach is rooted in American Indian culture, traditions, values, history, and art.

    We have teachers who specialize in the Lakota/Dakota and Ojibwe language and culture, as well as physical education, science, and art. Middle school students (6-8) are required to take either the Lakota or Ojibwe language, preparing them to continue their American Indian studies at Harding Senior High.

    Our school encourages parent and community involvement through culture fairs, drum and dance, powwows, and special events throughout the year.

    Students receive additional opportunities through AVID, American Indian AVID (middle school), and many after-school opportunities, including Flipside, Indian Youth Enrichment, and athletics.