D.A.P.E. and Swimming

Children swimming in pool
  • D.A.P.E. (Developmental Adaptive Physical Education) recognizes the individual differences of learners and emphasizes a continuum of diversified recreation and leisure activities.

    Students develop greater degrees of functional skills. These include social independence, fundamental motor skills, object control, recreation and leisure skills, physical fitness, problem solving, physical well being and the ability to participate in lifelong individual/group sports. We believe that all students can learn regardless of ability. Exposure and repetition will allow the student the opportunity to learn lifelong skills.

    D.A.P.E. Games and Activities

    • Fitness
    • Kickball
    • Cheerleading
    • Circle Wrestling
    • Bowling
    • Dance
    • Exploration Games
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Gym Hockey
    • Golf
    • T-Ball
    • Hobbies and Crafts
    • Gardening

    Target: All Students

    Assessment Tool: Teacher designed progressive skill task analysis check list.

    Indicator of success: Demonstration of all sequenced skills in each game or activity.

    Adapted Aquatics

    All students regardless of ability will have the opportunity to develop and improve their aquatic skills ranging from water adjustment to advanced swimmer skills.

    Target: AII students

    Assessment Tools: Teacher-designed progressive skill task analysis checklist and The American Red Cross Checklist.

    Indicator of success: Demonstration of all sequenced skills.