Families at Parkway

  • Welcome Families!

    Welcome to Parkway Montessori and Community School! Parents/Guardians are a valuable resource at Parkway. We want you to have the information and support you need in our joint endeavor of education. We welcome your questions, feedback, and concerns regarding your child's education.  Please contact Kim Sabo at 651-744-3940 or kimberly.sabo@spps.org for support throughout the school year.

    We encourage parental involvement through a variety of activities, athletics and family events. Please check all of the links on our website.  You will find information about upcoming events, Parent Portal, Schoology, buses, parent involvement, volunteering, newsletters and more.


    *School documents can be translated and interpreters are available upon request.

    Si necesita este documento traducido o si necesita un intérprete, por favor contacte a Mrs. Frazier  en el teléfono 651-767-8324 o correo electrónico elba.frazier@spps.org

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    Please contact the school at 651-744-1000 if you need assistance with transporatation for school events.