Donate & Volunteer at Parkway

  • Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School is always looking for donations and volunteers. Here are ways you can help!

    Target Take Charge of Education: An easy way to support Parkway. If you have a Target credit or debit card, go to or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate Parkway as YOUR school. Then use your REDcard whenever you shop, and Target will donate up to 1 percent of the amount you spend on your purchases.

    RAZOO: You can donate directly to Parkway year-round online at our donation website:

    Shoparoo: I am excited to share a new fundraiser Parkway Montessori will be participating in this year. The fundraiser is called Shoparoo and the program makes it so easy to earn money for our school.

    The way you earn money is by turning in all receipts from anything you buy. Bring in receipts from stores like Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores, Toy Stores, Pet Stores, Grocery Stores, etc - every receipt counts! You have 2 options to participate. You can either download the Shoparoo app onto your iPhones and upload the receipts yourself or you can send your receipts into school with your kids and I will upload them for you.

    Every receipt donates a number of points to the school. At the end of the year, Parkway Montessori will receive a check depending on the number of points accrued throughout the year. That money will be used to fund programs and/or events for your kids!

    Please participate. Every receipt counts! For more information, please go to

    Jen Wegwerth

Volunteer at Parkway!