Frequently Asked Questions about Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School

  • Is Parkway a Montessori School?

    Yes! Parkway is working with American Montessori Society to ensure that Parkway is built as a true Montessori Middle School. Please visit for more information about Montessori middle school and the accreditation process Parkway will be undergoing

    Who is St. Paul Public Schools working with to ensure that Parkway is truly a Montessori middle school?

    St. Paul Public Schools are working with a variety of people to make sure Parkway is created with Montessori philosophies and practices at its’ roots and is a sustainable Montessori school for years to come. Besides American Montessori Society, Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program is partnering with The University of Wisconsin River Falls to create the training program for our staff and oversee the curriculum development of the school. This will be a fully accredited certification program with additional Master’s Degree offerings for our staff. Visit for more information and details about the program.

    Who does Parkway serve as a Middle School?

    Parkway will serve all the current students in St. Paul Public School’s Elementary Montessori schools as well as students from area A.

    What is the curricular focus at Parkway?

    Our curriculum will be the same as other SPPS middle schools, but with a Montessori focus and methods. As partners in our effort, Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program as well as current St. Paul Public School Montessori staff has agreed to work to create the curriculum. Our school will be uniquely Montessori with challenging, rigorous academic offerings.

    Who are the staff at Parkway?

    The staff is made up of current Montessori instructors as well as newly trained Montessori teachers. It is our goal to have every staff member in the building trained in Montessori.

    Where is Parkway located?

    Parkway is located at 1363 Bush Ave East, the former site of L’Etoile du Nord – French Immersion. The building had extensive remodeling in the summer of 2013 to prepare it for our new school. Montessori driven instruction has been the focus of the redesign.

    What electives does Parkway offer?

    Parkway will offer music, theater, art, world languages, physical education, health as well as subject based electives in support of core courses, all driven by Montessori philosophies and practices.

    Does Parkway offer after school activities and athletics?

    Parkway will have the same athletic offerings as all other middle schools, subject to the number of willing participants. Parkway will offer a full range of after school activities and excited to announce partnerships with Ramsey-Washington County Watershed District and The University of Minnesota to work as a community on our surrounding grounds and environmental efforts.

    How do I apply to get into Parkway?

    If you are current Montessori student or live in area A you have a seat waiting for you a Parkway. If you are not a current Montessori student and live outside area A please go to for more information

    Who can I contact with more questions about Parkway?

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Principal, Ms. McBride at:E-mail: or call 651-744-1000.