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Degrees and Certifications:

K-12 Physical Education Specialist

Ms. Michelle Diaz

Graduated from Harding Senior High in 1991 (Go Knights!). Earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in K-12 Physical Education from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (1996). I've been a Physical Education Specialist, for Saint Paul Public Schools, since 1997. I've had ten years of Elementary Physical Education experience before joining Como Park High School in 2008. I currently teach all of the PE 9 classes and the Latin Dance Elective. I coach the Girls' Badminton Team in the spring.

When I'm not at Como, these are my favorite things to do: Latin Dance, specifically Rueda de Casino which is Salsa dancing in a wheel formation. Bachata and Cumbia are two other types of Latin dance that I like to practice with my husband; gardening (I love flowers and bees); and hiking and camping almost anywhere. I love exploring both State and National Parks across the country! I've also developed an interest in backpacking and have organized my first backpacking trip through the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan this coming fall! 

I currently live in South St. Paul with my new husband (married in December 2019). Julio is originally from Mexico City. My three teenage boys live with me part of the time. All three of my boys attend a Spanish Immersion program in Woodbury. I believe that being bilingual will bring many more job opportunities to them as they figure out what they'd like to do with their lives after graduation.

I love the location of Como Park High School because of it's proximity to Como Lake and other family friendly areas. It gives me the opportunity to teach Como students about trail etiquette and it's the perfect distance to squeeze in a 20-30 minutes of exercise in the middle of a school day. I would love to develop a camping curriculum where students can learn how to survive in the wilderness for at least a couple of days. Taking a weekend camping trip would be the ultimate culminating activity. How cool would that be?



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Ms. Michelle Diaz