Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Dan Shuster

Hello, I am Dan Shuster and I teach Physical Education here at Como Park High School. I have taught and coached for 16 years, all in St. Paul. I attended Concordia University in St. Paul to earn my teaching license in Health and Physical Education.  Next, I attended  The University of Minnesota where I earned a masters degree and a special education license.  Most recently I graduated from Concordia University with an Administration license.   I love and am intruiged by movement activities, they are a source of great joy and passion for me and I wish share that with my students. 

At Como, I teach D.A.P.E., Health, Strength Training, Basketball and Advanced Physical Education classes.  It is a staple in each of our classes we strive to provide a wide variety of movement activities from individual to team, competetive to leisure. Students always have a choice in each class in these areas. We ask them to learn from their movment experiences through fitness testing, journal reflections, Readings, quizing and particpation.

Grades for all my classes can be found on schoology.  If you have any questions or need to contact me email is the best way.  Or you can call and leave a message at 651-293-8800.