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Mr. Roy Magnuson

I am a lifelong Saint Paulite, a graduate of the Saint Paul Public Schools (Saint Anthony Park Elementary and Murray Jr/Sr High - old enough to remember when the "new" building was actually, new).   I have taught at Mounds Park Junior High, Murray Junior High, Highland Park Junior High and Como Park Senior High.   I also have coached at Como Park since it first became a high school (fall of 1979) for over one hundred seasons in football, wrestling, track and volleyball.

I have taught Advanced Placement United States History, African American History, I developed the first Asian American History class in the U.S. ( where the focus was on the immigrant story, not Asian studies), Ninth Grade Social Studies in various iterations, and other departmental offerings when needed. 

Como Park is my school, my neighborhood and where my wife and I live.  I am both old school and old neighborhood.  When I say that my heart is in Como Park, that is both figuratively and literally the case. 

My daily grades are on campus.  Please log in to campus by visiting .

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