Breakfast To Go

Breakfast to Go
  • Breakfast To Go Is Going Strong! We averaged about 175 breakfasts served every day.  Teachers reported that students are more focused throughout the morning.  In kindergarten and first grade, far fewer students are asking, "When's lunch?" and more are staying engaged in classroom activities.
    At Randolph Heights, along with all St. Paul Public Schools, we offer breakfast free of charge to all students. Research shows that students who eat breakfast perform better academically, and data from other schools in the district have demonstrated that Breakfast To Go increases learning time in the classroom while still giving students sufficient time to eat.
    In accordance with district policy, all students walk through the breakfast line in the cafeteria upon entering the building, whether from Wellesley or from Hamline. Staff are be posted at key spots to direct traffic in the building. In the cafeteria, students pick up a bag and select their breakfast items and proceed to their classrooms to eat. Both hot and cold breakfast items are offered. Students will enter their lunch PIN number so that we can track the number of breakfasts served each day.
    Children are not required to eat breakfast. However, we hope parents and students will consider eating, because, with the late start at Randolph Heights this year and the consequently late lunch periods, a second breakfast (or mid-morning snack) could help keep students alert and focused until lunchtime. Having all students walk through the line has been shown in other schools to greatly increase the number of students eating breakfast.
    While children are eating breakfast, teachers take attendance, deliver morning announcements, collect homework, or read to the class. Teachers in other schools report they have actually gained instructional time due to fewer nurse visits, less tardiness and absenteeism and fewer disruptions. Also, students are already in their classroom and settling down for the day. 
    Breakfast trash and food waste are discarded in large barrels in the halls so that it can be removed immediately after students are finished.
    If you have questions about Breakfast To Go, please contact your child’s teacher, Principal Karen Duke, or Roberta Hayes in the office.