Integrated Arts

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  • Art - The visual art program at our school emphasizes the study, development and creation of art work. Students come to an understanding of art through three modes of knowledge, creative, historical and analytical. The Core Knowledge curriculum is the basis of the art program. The visual art curriculum is sequenced and corresponds closely to the history and geography sequence. Art is not studied in isolation but as part of the history and culture of an era. The Art curriculum is aligned with national standards (National Arts Education Association), Minnesota State standards, and the Core Knowledge Sequence.

    Technology - Units technology are aligned with the Minnesota State and NETS standards using the Core Knowledge Sequence. Students work with a variety of software through out the year. Techniques and skills are taught in addition to foundation concepts. Technology is not taught in isolation, but integrated into classroom units.


    5th grade Mayan Hieroglyphics

    5th grade Italian Renaissance

    Khan Academy also has excellent videos and information on individual Renaissance artists

    4th grade Turn the pages of an Illuminated manusripts and other sacred texts