Talent Development & Acceleration Services (TDAS)

  • We are proud to have a full-time Talent Development & Accelerated Services(TDAS) coordinator at Randolph Heights this year! Because of this, we are able to offer several opportunities for school-wide enrichment. There are three levels of services available to our students: 

    Tier One (For all RH students): 

    * Differentiation in classrooms

    * Grade-level productions

    * School Assemblies and Speakers

    * Class projects

    * Science, Art, PE, Music

    * Student Council

    Tier Two (For identified GT students):

    *Enrichment Courses (Grades 3-5)- Fall course choices are: Student News Blog, Literature Club, Math enrichment & Math Competition groups, Creative Problem Solving. 

    *Mini-Courses (Grades 1 & 2)- Fall course choices are: Math enrichment, Creative Problem Solving, Literature Club

    * Shakespeare Play (5th)

    * Project Showcase (4-5)...we hope to have projects on display the night of the Family Picnic!

    Tier Three (For a few students):

    * Math Acceleration (Grade Skipping)

    * Individualized Acceleration Coordination