Randy Is Home!

Randy takes a reflective moment upon arriving back home at RHS.
  • Back in the early fall, our beloved friend and mascot, Randy the Dragon, went missing.  We figured out that he had left for Scotland and was visiting relatives. Dr. Duke and Mr. Randrup challenged our students to take a virtual walk/run to Scotland to find Randy and convince him to come home.

    Our students rose to the challenge!  All classes participated in walking or running laps around the playground every day.  Mr. Randrup tallied the laps and we reached Scotland in mid-November.  That's 3700 miles!! On Friday, November 18, we walked the final quarter mile together, met on the field, and waited for Randy to appear.  He finally showed himself on the roof to great cheers and jubilation from all of us.  Later, he spent the afternoon visiting classrooms and greeting students. 

    Now, we hope Randy will decide to stick around for awhile!  Check out the slideshow of pictures below and click to see Mr. Randrup's video.

    See the movie: Randy is Back!