Learning Disabilities

  • Our Philosophy:
    When students believe that success is possible, they will try. So our first priority in any class is to help students believe in themselves and their ability to learn.

    Our Mission:
    The purpose of special education is to assist students in becoming responsible, contributing citizens.

    Our Beliefs:

    • All students are members of the educational community.
    • All students have the potential to learn and grow.
    • All students should be respected, supported and educated with staff and resources to meet their needs.
    • Curriculum incorporates all areas of lifelong learning. Curriculum encompasses diverse instruction for all learners.
    • Continuous improvement of services is dependent upon evaluations of systems, programs and student progress and the implementation of needed change.

    Special education services are available to students who are identified, assessed, and qualify meeting established Minnesota and federal eligibility criteria in the areas of need. The process begins with interventions within the general education classroom, referrals by the general education teachers/staff and parent(s), and evaluation to determine eligibility.

    If the student qualifies, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written by the student's special education team, which includes parents, general education teacher, and special education staff (members of the assessment team and service providers). An IEP is written annually to address goals and objectives specific to the students' individual needs.