Student Council

  • Our student council consists of four Student Council Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recorder) that plan and facilitate monthly meetings.

    Student Council Activities:

    • Spirit Days (Stuffed Animal Day, Funky Hair Day, Pajama Day, Cap/Hat Day, Mix/Match Day and Twin Day)
    • Fall Food Drive (donations given to local food shelves)
    • Public Announcements on School Intercom
    • Award Announcements at Monthly Assemblies
    • Cha-Ching Week Fundraiser (proceeds donated to community, national or world organizations)
    • Winter Carnival Button Design Contest
    • Service Learning Projects (school plantings, clean-ups, etc.)
    • Recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week

Our Student Council

  • Each classroom in grades 3-5 has a peer elected representative and alternate, which communicate and report to their classroom and the council as a whole.