About Chelsea Heights

  • We offer a small-school atmosphere with big-school activities: archery, Destination Imagination and an all-school science fair, to mention only a few. In a quiet residential neighborhood, Chelsea Heights tailors instruction to each student based on how she or he learns best. Community volunteers tutor and read to our students, while active parents plan events and raise funds to create one-of-a-kind opportunities. Our school is next door to the Northwest Como Recreation Center, where families can enroll their students in S’more Fun before or after school. Chelsea Heights provides engaging experiences in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), music, art, and physical education in a friendly neighborhood setting.


    Chelsea Height's curriculum incorporates experiences that build students' skills in critical thinking, problem solving, questioning strategies, reasoning, and creative expression. Other features of Chelsea Heights School include strong parent and community involvement, and student events in music, band, and science.


    Chelsea Heights has been ranked as one of the top elementary schools inthe city.Based on the MCA II tests - which included both a math and a reading assessment taken by students in grades 3 through 6. On this new and more rigorous test, our results exceeded both the district and the state averages.


    Chelsea has all-school events for parents and community members such as Open House, African-American sponsored breakfast, Student Showcase, End of the Year Celebration, and student concerts.

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

    Chelsea Heights has an active and involved PTO. The PTO provides many services for the school and publishes a monthly newsletter, The Cheetah Chatter.

    Special Features

    ChelseaHeights has teaching specialists in music, physical education, science, and orchestra. Each classroom has at least one computer, and students have access to two computer labs. Chelsea Heights has strong parent support through an active PTO and site council.
    Educational Description

    The school is organized as a traditional K-6 school with self-contained classrooms and some classroom switching for reading and mathematics in the intermediate grades. Students are provided with specialized instruction in vocal and instrumental music, physical education and science. Students with learning disabilities and those who are learning English as their second language receive individualized instruction as needed from the E.L.L. and Special Ed departments.

    Our Gifted and Talented Coordinator and many parent volunteers provide higher level instructions to small groups from various grade levels.

    School Wide Enrichment Model

    Chelsea Heights meets the needs of gifted/talented students in several ways. Teachers have received specialized training in compacting and/or accelerating the curriculum for more able students. The designated teacher, as G/T coordinator, has been trained to provide a more personalized and challenging program of study for academically advanced students at Chelsea Heights. Many programs originally designed for G/T students, such as Continental Math League and Wordmasters, are offered to all students at various grade levels.

    The Gifted/Talented program provides a wide variety of enrichment activities for the whole school and for individual grade levels and/or classrooms, as well as for a smaller group of identified students. Students work in pull-out groups in a resource room with a gifted/talented teacher. All G/T classes aim to introduce new challenges, stretch thinking skills, and include writing, accelerated math, problem-solving, and visual-spatial challenges.

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