Welcome to First Grade!

Children holding hands around the world
  • Mrs. Arcand, Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Knezovich welcome you to Chelsea Heights Elementary!  We have an exciting year ahead of us.  Please read through the general first grade information below or visit our classroom pages.  To leave a voicemail message for any of us, call 651.293.8790 and follow the prompts.  Here's to a great year in First Grade!

    First Grade Curriculum Overview
    In the 1st Grade classroom, we teach using the curriculum and framework provided by Saint Paul Public Schools.  This includes Reader’s Workshop (with Mondo Bookshop materials), Mondo Bookshop Phonics, Math Workshop (using Basic Facts, Math Review and Everyday Math), and Writer’s Workshop.  Social Studies is woven into our core curriculum.  Students also attend a specialist class each day (arts, science or physical education) rotating on a weekly basis. 

    First Grade Homework
    You will start seeing some homework in your child’s daily folder.  It will be sent home most days, Monday through Thursday.  First Grade homework may take up to 15 minutes some nights.  PLEASE let your teacher know if your child is struggling with his or her homework. Your teacher will be happy to adapt the work to meet your child's needs. Homework will include:
    1. Math - which correspond directly to our math lessons.
    2. Literacy - Reading and writing activities.
    3. Spelling Words – Spelling words are based on word families. The new list comes home on Friday. Tests are on Fridays.
    4. Baggie Books - these will start in October.  Your child will bring home a book and a signature log in his/her backpack.  He/she should read you the book in the baggie every night.  Books will be traded out 2-3 times a week, and be at an appropriate reading level for your child.


Our Daily Schedule:

  • 7:15 Breakfast-To-Go
    7:30 Morning Meeting
    8:00 Reader’s Workshop
    9:00 Phonics/Skills
    9:30 Everyday Math

    10:30 recess

    10:50 Lunch
    11:20 Read Aloud
    11:35 Math (cont.)
    12:05 Specialists (Music, Art, Science, Phy. Ed.)
    1:00 Writer’s Workshop
    1:30 Choice

    2:00 Dismissal