Welcome to Speech and Language Class!

  • My name is Barbara Henry. I am a  Speech and Language Pathologist working full time at Chelsea Heights Elementary. I also see students at Maternity of Mary - Saint Andrews.   I work with children at all grade levels (kindergarten through 8th grade).   I have worked for Saint PaulPublic Schools for 18 years.  Prior to coming to Saint Paul, I worked in the medical setting with children ages infants through teenagers.  I help students with communication skills in the following areas:

    1. Articulation Skills: The ability to pronounce speech sounds clearly while talking.

    2. Receptive Language Skills: The ability to understand directions, stories, and questions.

    3. Expressive Language Skills: The ability to express your needs and ideas with appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure.

    4. Fluency Skills: The ability to express your needs and ideas without struggling to get the words out. 

    5. Voice Skills: Students that need voice services tend to have chronic hoarse voice quality due to vocal nodules on their vocal cords. Students with a history of cleft palate may need services for the tone of their voice.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's communication skills please feel free to contact Ms. Henry or contact your child's classroom teacher.




Stuttering Resources for Parents

  • Use this link to find out how to help your child with stuttering.


    Use this link to find free and paid apps for communication skills.