Welcome to the E1 Community!

  • Through observations and gentle guidance, teachers help children learn to grow as learners by meeting each child where they are at, to work both in cooperation with others and independently, to become responsible and caring members of a community by showing respect to themselves, others and the environment.


    When you enter one of our E1 (lower elementary, grades 1-3) classrooms, you might see and hear:

    · A carefully prepared classroom environment with materials organized on shelves at the child’s level

    · Children working at a table, standing, working at a rug, a chowki (low table), on a stability ball or some other comfortable seating

    · A child working independently

    · Someone reading

    · A group of children collaborating on work

    · Children working in the hallway

    · An adult working with one child or a small group

    · An adult observing work and interactions between children

    · A child caring for someone else, a pet or plants

    · Children taking responsibility for their community through class jobs


    Characteristics of a 6-9 year old child:

    · The ability to reason

    · Abstract thinking

    · Imagination grows

    · Social groups become more important

    · A focus on social justice, fairness and empathy



    · Math – arithmetic and geometry

    · Language – writing, reading, grammar

    · Culture – geography and history

    · Biology – botany and zoology

    · Practical Life – purposeful activities that build concentration, independence and responsibility with a focus on caring for one’s self, others and the environment


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