Cherokee Heights Swimming

  • Every student first to fifth grades at Cherokee will participate in our swimming program for three, three-week sessions during the school year.

    The majority of our curriculum is based on the American Red Cross Swimming Program. It is our hope that every student at Cherokee Heights will finish the year with the skills to enjoy and participate in swimming in the future.

    As part of our course work we will teach water-safety skills, the importance of safety and a "healthy" respect for the water.

    Swimming is a part of the Cherokee Heights curriculum and every student is required to take swimming unless (s)he has a medical excuse. Students need a swim suit and a towel for swimming class.

    Every student is required to wear a swim cap during swimming. Cherokee Heights will provide a swim cap for each student during swim class.

What's Needed for a Swimming Class?

    1. A swim suit OR written permission from a parent/guardian to borrow a school swim suit.
    2. A towel
    3. A plastic bag in which to carry their suit and towel to and from class.
    4. A comb and/or brush.

Caps and Goggles

  • All students must wear a swim cap during swimming. Students may use one of Cherokee's caps during class or purchase one from Cherokee. Goggles are optional for swim class. Cherokee has goggles that students may purchase.