About Us

  • Our small school has a big heart. As a community we are Soaring and Restoring! At our school, students of all abilities are given the opportunity for positive development: socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Eastern Heights ensures a welcoming, inclusive environment through our love and respect for all families and students who enter our doors. 

    Eastern Heights implements and integrates Culturally Relevant Teaching, Restorative Practices, SWPBIS (School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), and Innocent Classroom Project, to change the lives of our "family" as students and teachers. We work to develop a community focusing on relationship building as a way to increase our academic engagement, achievement and social /emotional competencies.

    Each of our programs including our Specialized Services are strongly rooted in the state's high academic standards and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.

    At Eastern Heights each person has gifts and talents, is peaceful and kind and is here to learn!

    A few ways that we do this:

    • School Climate/ PBIS Team (Family Engagement Team, Restorative Practices Team, No Bully Team)
    • Leadership Team
    • Student Assistance Team, Child Study SPED Team
    • Technology Integration/ Personalized Learning
    • Science Inquiry
    • Physical Education
    • Art: Visual and Performing
    • EDL (Extended Day Learning) - After-school program for academically integrated enrichment 
    • Student Council- building student leaders

    If you have further questions, call the school at 651-744-6610.

Breakfast Every Morning



    for all students