Health and Safety


    We must be able to reach parents during the day, at home, at work, or through a neighbor or relative.  Please be sure that the home and emergency phone numbers listed for your child are kept up to date by informing the office of any changes.  Should your child become sick or injured at school, we will try to contact the parent first and then work our way through the emergency numbers.  The child may not leave the school until a parent or guardian signs the child out in the school office.


    A certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner staffs the Dayton’s Bluff health office.  When she is not in the building, teachers and office staff manage health issues.  If your child has a chronic health problem (such as a heart condition, asthma or allergies), please contact the nurse early in the year so that this information is recorded on your child’s health record and procedures for managing this condition can be used in working with your child.  It is also important to notify the school of any contagious conditions your child may contract, such as strep throat, head lice, or scabies.  In this way, the nurse will be able to take appropriate measure to protect other students.  Where public health is concerned, your cooperation is essential. 


    Whenever possible, please have your child take medication before or after school.  However, if a student is required to take a medication during school hours and the parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, then only the school nurse or designated person may administer the medication in compliance with the original container and the regulations that follow:

    1. Written instructions signed by parent and physician are required and must include:

    • student’s name
    • name of medication
    • purpose of medication
    • time to be administered
    • dosage
    • possible side effects
    • ending date for administering medication         

    2.   The school nurse will:

    • inform appropriate school personnel of the medication
    • keep a record of the administering of medication
    • keep medication in a locked cabinet

    The parents of the student assume responsibility for informing the school nurse of any change in the student’s health or change in medication.  The school district retains the discretion to reject requests for administration of medicine.  A copy of this regulation will be provided to parents upon their request for administration of medication in the school.  The prescribing of or lack of medication as determined by a physician will in no way affect the enrollment of a student in Independent School District #625.  Students observed to be taking unauthorized medications will be reported to the school administration and their parents.


    The school district provides no health or accident insurance for students.