Personalized Learning at Eastern Heights

Personalized learning
  • St. Paul Public Schools is implementing Personalized Learning instructional strategies as one facet to help close the achievement gap and for all students to be actively engaged in a 21st century learning experiences. With personalized learning, students have control on their learning experiences by having more voice and choice. Student engagement is also achieved with collaboration opportunities with a team of teachers and their peers. The relationship between the teacher and learner will include more check-ins and small group instruction. Classrooms are equipped with a variety of  tools and resources that are easily accessible. Technology is an important tool that can help implement personalized learning and provides the resources, collaboration, and communication tools. In addition to digital tools and tailored instruction, the learning environment needs to have a layout that is conducive to Personalized Learning instructional strategies.

    At Eastern Heights Elementary our staff and students have already begun to embrace Personalized Learning methods. All grade levels are using technology for productivity, collaboration, and communication. The main hardware device made available for student use are 3:1 Chromebooks and 1:1 iPads. They are used to access Internet resources, Google Apps, coding applications, and other educational and productivity websites. As a collaborative effort with the district initiative, we are pursuing the change of the learning environment to include a Personalized Learning layout. Thus resulting in a Learning Studio that combines all grade level classrooms into one space. The 2nd Grade instructional team in collaboration with English Language, Special Education, and other specialists will pilot this for the 2014 - 2015 school year. Other grades will be implemented after the first year.

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