About Our School

  • Top 5 Reasons To Attend EXPO Elementary

    A friendly, happy environment filled with student artwork welcomes one and all to EXPO – a lively school with an extraordinary range of resources. “Looped classrooms” allow students to have the same teacher for more than one school year in grades 1-2 and grades 3-4. This unique classroom structure provides deep connections between teachers and students. Grade 5 is a leadership year, in which our oldest students take on greater responsibility. EXPO offers accelerated math, physical education, and gifted and talented programs. We also emphasize projects in arts, science and technology/engineering – students might write and produce a play one year and build cars the next. Our one-of-a-kind outdoor play structure, Treasure Island, was lovingly built and is maintained by parent volunteers.

    EXPO is a vibrant school that balances an extraordinary range of resources with an emphasis on the individual needs of all of our students. Since 1990, EXPO has been a community—a place where students, educators, and parents strive to give children the tools and the skills to become citizens of the world, exploring, solving problems together, growing into active, engaged members of their communities. EXPO is alive with ideas, inquiry, friendship and growth—it is truly a happy place where children are cherished.

    Top 5 Reasons To Attend EXPO Elementary

    Our School offers:

    • Morning or afternoon 4 year old Pre-Kindergarten and grades Kindergarten - 5.
    • Resource Specialists available for all grades: Technology, Gifted and Talented, Science, Art/Humanities, and Physical Education.
    • Inclusion of students from a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and communities.
    • On site Discovery Club providing before and after school care.
    • Instruction tailored according to children's individual learning styles and abilities by highly trained and dedicated staff
    • Life-skills fused with Responsive Classroom, blending social and academic learning.