What Makes Eastern Heights Special Education Special?

  • The Special Education Team at Eastern Heights continues to build collaborative instruction and support for each student with special needs within this building.  Our team is committed to developing as a professional learning community, as a multidisciplinary team and alongside our general education colleagues. We are excited to have a strong co-teaching collaboration throughout the building.

    Within the mission of our school to "Educate for a Better Tomorrow" and to meet the individual needs of each student in our building with equity; our team actively engages with each aspect of our students' day in planning, communicating and implementing goals and objectives in special and general education settings in our learning community.

    Currently at Eastern Heights Elementary, we have onsite staff licensed to serve DCD (Developmental Cognitive Disabilities), ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education 3-5 year olds) SLP (Speech and Language Disabilities) and SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities),and Itinerant staff to support service for a wide range of other disability areas

    We have an excellent team of Teaching Assistants throughout the building supporting students' needs in general and special education areas. Besides our daily special education service areas, we have itinerant staff who come to the building on a regular schedule to provide related services for students. We are pleased to include professional colleagues in; OT (Occupational Therapy), PT (Physical Therapy), AdaptedPhysical Education Classes (DAPE), and Physical, Vision and Hearing Impairments.

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