Come explore our EXPO community!

  • Choosing a school can be a daunting experience. The options available to families in Saint Paul and the Twin Cities are rich and varied, but the process of selecting a school can be confusing and intimidating. We hope that you'll consider EXPO Elementary for many reasons, take a moment to explore what we can offer.

    At EXPO, we are proud of:

    • Looped Classrooms: EXPO students loop in grades 1 & 2 and 3 & 4; 5th grade then becomes a year of leadership. Students stay with their homebase teacher for two years.  For example, you're child's first-grade teacher will be their second-grade teacher. This allows for a teacher and student to understand each other much more fully and with a continuity that helps them learn more effectively.
    • On-Campus specialists in Gifted and Talented, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education. All students have access to "Resources" in key areas through their time at EXPO.
    • Discovery Club: Onsite program providing flexibility in scheduling for families, and enhancing students' social, academic, and play opportunities.
    • Community Education: Offering On-site/after-school enrichment opportunities.
    • 4-Year old Pre-Kindergarten and all-day Kindergarten.
    • Treasure Island: The “best playground in the city," built and maintained by parents for the school and the neighborhood.
    • A dedicated, experienced and talented staff: Over 70% of our teachers have advanced degrees, and over 75% have been in the profession over 10 years. Our staff features dedicated, highly trained specialists in a wide array of fields:
    • Social Worker
    • Counselor
    • Full-Time Nurse (R.N. Certified)
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Speech Therapist
    • Gifted & Talented Specialist

    Come visit us at EXPO and explore the opportunities for your child and your family.